Economic Intelligence

They are able to foresee new opportunities associated with a social problem, such as finding work for disadvantaged people, empowering people in need, fighting systemic poverty and organized crime, and to create new, financially sustainable businesses.

Socially Motivated

Their main objective, and motivational driver, is addressing social issues through market-based solutionsPeople and their fundamental needs are at center stage, while money and profits are just a means to achieving what really matters: improving people’s lives.


Social entrepreneurship means dealing with complex, turbulent and uncertain environments. Social entrepreneurscan make very difficult decisions to overcome apparently insurmountable problems. They are often alone fighting against a whole system, and courage is absolutely indispensable.

Quick and Alternative

They see and think about things in a different way: reality is multi-dimensional, business is more than “just profit,” perennial social problems can be business opportunities, people can be much better off than is generally thought. What matters is how you (want to) look at things.

Art Angel is a social business

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