A Revolution is an Idea

How to solve many problems- illnesses, misery, lack of freedom of speech, inefficiency, corruption, failed state, failed institutions, failed society….? One Idea, more than a year, more than 100 meetings, more than 400 articles, tv, radio, all institutions, and all we did was 100% financed by us… it is simple, we chase a dream….

We have a Problem, we know the solution, we have the Idea about social business that can give much more…

We will supply what is needed and build the main production inside the prison. We will reinvest 100% of the profit back for good.

Annual Program:

At the price of one daily vitamin

1. Prevention and Care for the Health of the inmates and the staff

Functional food – fruits, nuts, протеинс, good non-animal fats

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics

Social service – which do not relay on government budget, but works

and creates using the most up-to-date world practices.

Functional food, which will provide the daily dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids, minerals and probiotics and added with proteins. 100% of the profit (completely new practice in Bulgaria ), will be used for realization of the social projects in Bulgarian prisons and with the inmates.


Art and Functional spaces

a. Art Center in the first year in Pazardzhik prison.

b. providing the space for cultural exchange Ezoligencia Pazardzhik – for work

experience, certificates, center for self-help, space to be used by the syndicate of the

workers in the prison and the Syndicate of the inmates.

c. Build second center Ezoligencia in Sofia with the same functions as the center in


d. Free hostel – center outside Pazardzhik prison with minimum four rooms managed by

the Art Angel Foundation – provided for free to returned into civil live, prisoners who

don’t have where to stay.

e. Help center – that works 24/7 under the Ezoligencia management – helping finding

work, preparing CVs, helping preparing IDs and to help with institutions.

f. Creating Coffee Roaster and Bakery during the first year in the Pazardzhik prison. And

each year to add another prison.

Work experience and diplomas

a. Barista

b. Coffee baker

c. Baker

d. Basic English language

Therapy through Art

a. Creative writing including an experienced writer and philologist

– publishing of the book

– presentation and media promotion of the project

b. Painting

– promoting of the painters in the famous Galleries in Bulgaria

– promoting of the painters in the famous international Galleries

– media promotion of the project

c. Rock school therapy

– publishing of an album of the group gathered behind the bars

– promoting of the album by commercial festivals and awards, media exhibit of the


Researches – minimum 3 for the first year, which will be financing by the Art Angel

Foundation, and engagements of minimum one prestigious foreign university (we have

the consent of a lecturer at the University of Oxford, London, creating studies for

corruption and its impact in developing countries)

a. The influence of the healthy food to the inmates for decreasing of their level of stress,

philological health and prevention of infectious diseases.

b. The idea of law among the inmates – different forms of social growth and contributing

to the society.

c. Social enterprise and its possibilities in Bulgaria as an instrument for fight with

corruption and harmful practices, giving a new method for financing of the social services

– Consideration of social business models as a solution at a time of financial stagnation

and reduced funding.

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